why run after ben arfa….aquillani?..we are right on song!

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Once more the rumour mill is frantic,..”its ben arfa we are really looking for,..no its aquillani,..oh no,its veloso…”

Dude puhliz!!!,…lets take a step back shall we,..what do we really need?…a tenacious tackler?..yes…good ball control/winner?..yes…a confident midfielder,cool under pressure?..yes…one with an eye for a splitting pass?..yes..BUT  most importantly,someone who covers cesc well,…gives him space to turn,..open up to him,so as to receive a pass….PEOPLE,…DONT U THINK SONG FITS THE HAT??..just flash back to the african cup of nations..he took the number right away from makoun,..the same makoun people say arsene should buy…

What of diaby?…isnt he a holding middle fielder enough?..with an eye for goal?

…Drop a line boys…lets hear your thots!


samir nasir for the gunners??

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speculation has been rife about the young frenchman’s imminent transfer to the gunners,…and his agent’s double speak….whats your take?